I Peter

The Apostle Peter understood what it was like to live and minister in difficult circumstances.  He had faced opposition from Jewish religious leaders. He was imprisoned and flogged.  He dealt with dishonesty in the church.  He lived through times of persecution.  He knew that he was going to die by crucifixion.  He was well qualified to write a letter of encouragement to other believers, including us.  There are nine (9) messages in this series.

1. Chosen for Obedience – I Peter 1:1-2 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

2. Rejoicing in the Midst of Trials – I Peter 1:3-9 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

3. Think Right, Act Right – I Peter 1:13-2:3 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

4. Think Right, Act Right, part 2 – I Peter 2:1-10 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

5. Relate Right – I Peter 2:11-17    (download .doc file)

6. Relate Right, part 2 – I Peter 2:18-25 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

7. Relate Right, part 3 – I Peter 3:8-17    (download .doc file)

8. Think Right, Act Right, part 3 – I Peter 4:1-2 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

9. Our Upside-Down, Inside-Out life – I Peter 4:3-11 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

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