Lessons From the Lives of Saul and David

The first two kings of Israel, Saul and David, were very different in their orientation to the LORD.  Saul did not turn out to be the kind of leader that God wanted for an obvious reason — his obedience was incomplete.  David, on the other hand, was declared to be a man after God’s own heart.  This study of the lives of Saul and David will teach some powerful spiritual lessons.  There are eighteen (18) lessons in this series.

1. Introduction: Israel Asks for a King – I Sam 8:1-22  (pdf)    (download .doc file)

2. Saul is Anointed King – I Sam 9 – 10 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

3. Saul’s First Victory in Battle – I Sam 11 – 12 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

4. Saul’s First Act of Disobedience – I Sam 13:1-15 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

5. Saul’s Foolishness, Jonathan’s Bravery – I Sam 13 – 14 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

6. Saul’s Disobedience, the LORD’s Rejections – I Sam 1:1-31 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

7. Anointing of David, His Service to Saul – I Sam 16:1-23 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

8. David Fights Goliath – I Sam 17 (pdf)     (download .doc file)

9. David’s Popularity, Saul’s Jealousy – I Sam 18 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

10. More Attempts on David’s Life, More Protection from God – I Sam 19 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

11. Saul Kills, David Spares – I Sam 22, 24, 26 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

12. The End of Saul’s Reign, the Beginning of David’s – I Sam 27 – 31 (pdf)             (download .doc file)

13. David is Established as King – II Sam 1 – 5 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

14. Significant Events in David’s Kingdom – II Sam 5 – 8 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

15. A Unique Promise to David – II Sam 7 (pdf)     (download .doc file)

16. David’s Sin, God’s Mercy – II Sam 11 – 12 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

17. Reaping What Has Been Sown – II Sam 13-24 (pdf)     (download .doc file)

18. The Last Words of David – II Sam 22-23 (pdf)    (download .doc file)

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