I Peter (Conference Presentations)

This set of messages was prepared for and has been presented to national leaders in former Soviet Central Asia and on the sub-continent of Asia, both areas in which local fellowships are harassed by official government policies and opposed by followers of the majority religion.  The Apostle Peter understood what it was like to live and minister in difficult circumstances.  He was well qualified to write a letter of encouragement to believers who were persevering in spite of their difficulties.  There are four (4) messages in this series.

1. I Peter 1:1-9 (pdf)    (I Peter 1:1-9  download .doc file)

2. I Peter 1:13 – 2:10 (pdf)     (I Peter 1:13-2:10  download .doc file)

3. I Peter 2:11-­3:17     (I Peter 2:11-3:17  download .doc file)

4. I Peter 4:1-­5:11     (I Peter 4:-5:11 download .doc file)





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