This series is about Ruth and Naomi, and about God’s gracious answer to their need of a kinsman-redeemer.  The story is a beautiful Old Testament illustration of the believer’s Kinsman-Redeemer, Jesus.  There are six (6) messages in this series.

Ruth 1:1-22 pdf;   Ruth 1:1-22 download .doc file

Ruth 1:3-22 pdf;   Ruth 1:3-22 download .doc file

Ruth 1:22-2:23 pdf;   Ruth 1:22-2:23 download .doc file

Ruth 3:1-18 pdf;   Ruth 3:1-18 download .doc file

Ruth 4:1-17 pdf;   Ruth 4:1-17 download .doc file

Ruth 4:18-22 pdf;   Ruth 4:18-22 download .doc file

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