Immanuel, God With Us

This series is not to be linked to the Christmas season.

The theme, “God with us,” runs throughout the entire Bible. The very first theme introduced in Genesis and the last description in Revelation are both pictures of God dwelling among His people, and there are numerous references in between which explain the desire and efforts of God to be close to His people.

God created the cosmos to be His dwelling place, His temple dwelling. It required the vastness of the universe to properly reflect the greatness of God. The universe also had to be perfect in form and function in order for the holy and righteous God of eternity to dwell comfortably within it.

As part of that creation, humanity was created with the purity and capacity to fellowship with God. Adam and Eve, created as they were, in the image and likeness of God, had all the necessary spiritual qualities to live in the presence of God. The relationship between them was the perfect blending of the spiritual nature of God with the physical nature of mankind. It was a time when the infinite God and the finite creature were in perfect harmony. God was Immanuel, and for a time He dwelled among His creation.

In spite of the fact that God’s desires were thwarted by the disobedience of Adam and Eve, God remained determined to be with and to interact with His human creation. God was not about to let the chaotic overturn of His creative efforts to be the final word on the matter. His overall plans and purposes were not altered, in fact, could not be altered because they were eternal.

This series is an overview of God’s efforts to restore His connection with His fallen creation. The Bible is our record of what God has been doing to move closer and closer to His fallen creation, until, at the end of the age, He will once again be able to dwell among His people.

There are four (4) messages in this series.

Immanuel Message 1.pdf           Immanuel Message

Immanuel Message 2.pdf          Immanuel Message

Immanuel Message 3.pdf          Immanuel Message

Immanuel Message 4.pdf          Immanuel Message



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