This letter was written to help believers who were “facing trials of many kinds.”  James was one of the spiritual leaders of the early Church in Jerusalem when he wrote this letter.  The recipients were Jewish background believers who had been forced to flee Jerusalem when persecution broke out following the martyrdom of Stephen.  These Jewish converts were soon “scattered among the nations.”  James did not want any of them to become so disheartened by their circumstances that they would turn away from their faith.  Rather, he wanted them to recognize that the adversities they were facing were excellent opportunities for them to develop their faith relationship with God.

James 1:1-12 pdf       James 1:1-12 docx

James 1:13-18 pdf      James 1:13-18 docx

James 1:19-27 pdf       James 1:19-27 docx

James 2:1-13 pdf        James 2:1-13 docx

James 2:14-26 pdf       James 2:14-26 docx

James 3:1-12 pdf        James 3:1-12 docx

James 3:13-18 pdf       James 3:13-18 docx

James 4:1-10 docx       James 4:1-10 docx

James 4:11-12 pdf       James 4:11-12 docx

James 4:13-17 pdf       James 4:13-17 docx

James 5:1-11 pdf        James 5:1-11 docx

James 5:12 pdf           James 5:12 docx

James 5:13-20 pdf       James 5:13-20 docx

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