Jesus’ Training of His Apostles

The five documents in this series explain the process by which Jesus prepared His Apostles to carry on His ministry after His return to heaven. An understanding of this process is almost totally lacking in the typical evangelical fellowship of today. As a result, the individuals who claim to be the followers of Jesus are ineffective in their witness.

Jesus gave specific instructions to His followers regarding His expectations. In John chapter 15 He explained how His followers could move from being “no-fruit bearers” to bearing some fruit, then bearing “more fruit,” and finally bearing “much fruit” (these terms appear in John 15:2, 5, 6). The goal of Jesus for His followers is in verse 8: “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.”

How many individual believers are producing fruit for Jesus? For that matter, how many local church fellowships are bearing fruit. How many are growing through conversions? A new way of ministry is needed if there is to be the harvest of fruit desired by Jesus. The main emphasis of these five documents is to describe the pathway to spiritual maturity whereby believers will become effective disciple-makers.


Jesus’ Training of His Apostles   part 1


Jesus’ Training of His Apostles  part 2


Jesus’ Training of His Apostles  part 3


Jesus’ Training of His Apostles  part 4


Jesus’ Training of His Apostles  part 5

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