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The church fellowship at Philippi was the first such church established in Europe by the Apostle Paul. He wrote this letter several years later in order to encourage the believers and to convince them of the importance of following the … Continue reading

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Life of Moses

Moses was a most unusual man.  He was protected at birth by the LORD; privileged to grow up in the royal Egyptian court, reduced to the status of a shepherd in obscure fields of Midian, called by YAHWEH to rescue … Continue reading

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The theme of this book is “The Victory of Jesus and His Followers Over Satan and His Helpers.” At the present time, given the conditions in our world, it does not seem that things are going the way of victory … Continue reading

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This letter was written to help believers who were “facing trials of many kinds.”  James was one of the spiritual leaders of the early Church in Jerusalem when he wrote this letter.  The recipients were Jewish background believers who had been forced … Continue reading

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Suffering is a test – a test of faith, character, values, and love for God.  It is a test that can make us bitter if we jump to wrong conclusions about God, and it can make us better if , … Continue reading

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Immanuel, God With Us

This series is not to be linked to the Christmas season. The theme, “God with us,” runs throughout the entire Bible. The very first theme introduced in Genesis and the last description in Revelation are both pictures of God dwelling … Continue reading

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This letter has an important place in the New Testament because of its unique description of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul wanted his readers to understand that Jesus was completely adequate for every spiritual need. Paul exalts Christ as the … Continue reading

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