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This series is about Ruth and Naomi, and about God’s gracious answer to their need of a kinsman-redeemer.  The story is a beautiful Old Testament illustration of the believer’s Kinsman-Redeemer, Jesus.  There are six (6) messages in this series. Ruth … Continue reading

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Gospel of Luke

This series primarily focuses on the public ministry of Jesus.  A secondary objective is the focus on Jesus’ training program of the twelve apostles.  There are forty (40) messages in this series. Luke 1:1-4 pdf;    Luke 1:1-4 download .doc … Continue reading

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I Peter (Conference Presentations)

This set of messages was prepared for and has been presented to national leaders in former Soviet Central Asia and on the sub-continent of Asia, both areas in which local fellowships are harassed by official government policies and opposed by … Continue reading

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Church Leadership

Church leaders are in a unique position to guide and influence believers.  Their task is “to prepare God’s people for works of service so that the Body of Christ may be built up.”  The characteristics of church leaders are clearly … Continue reading

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The Victorious Christian Life

The Lord wants the members of His Church to know about, and deal with, the evil forces which are in our world.  Satan seeks to deceive and destroy the followers of Christ.  Believers must be prepared to resist these attacks … Continue reading

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Apostles’ Creed

The early Church compiled a number of essential doctrines into “the Rule of Faith,” which was used in the training of new believers.  During the third century, the statements became standardized and were recognized as “the canon of truth” or … Continue reading

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Spiritual Education of Abraham

Abraham had a very important place in God’s purposes, but before he was qualified to fulfill those purposes, God had to move Abraham from his pagan cultural background to the spiritual condition in which he would obey and worship God … Continue reading

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Lessons From the Lives of Saul and David

The first two kings of Israel, Saul and David, were very different in their orientation to the LORD.  Saul did not turn out to be the kind of leader that God wanted for an obvious reason — his obedience was … Continue reading

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I Peter

The Apostle Peter understood what it was like to live and minister in difficult circumstances.  He had faced opposition from Jewish religious leaders. He was imprisoned and flogged.  He dealt with dishonesty in the church.  He lived through times of … Continue reading

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I John

The Apostle John wrote this letter to believers in order to give them assurance of their salvation.  John was concerned about the spiritual health of his readers, his spiritual family.   He thought it necessary to summarize and restate the … Continue reading

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This letter was originally written to encourage believers from a Jewish/Hebrew background.  It was written to exhort these believers to “go on lest they fall back” into a form of apostasy.  However, the letter fills a timeless need.  Believers from … Continue reading

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Elijah and Elisha, Prophets of God

This series describes the lives and ministry activities of the prophets Elijah and Elisha, who spoke for God in the northern kingdom of Israel.  There are eleven (11) messages in this series. 1. The Power of God Revealed in Elijah – … Continue reading

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Encounters with Christ

This is a series of messages from the Gospel of John describing the interactions between Jesus and individuals from several walks of life.  There are nine (9) messages. 1. Encounter of Christ with Humanity – John 1:1-18 (pdf)    (download .doc file) … Continue reading

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